Thursday, 24 September 2015

Uninstall Mangao for Mac OS X

Uninstall Mangao Application in Mac OS X – Mangao removal steps from Mac OS X

Want to uninstall Mangao apps? Not able to find a way to uninstall Mangao completely from your Mac Machine? Is your Mac machine giving error after manually uninstalling Mangao application?

Uninstalling Mangao in mac is just a different approach than in Windows OS. Windows OS provides a option to uninstall application or application manufactures provides uninstaller with the application. But in Mac OS X there is nothing like uninstall utility. To uninstall the Mangao you simply need to drag & drop the Mangao application bundles to trash, that's it. STOP this is not the end there is more to properly uninstalling the Mangao from your machine.

Mangao Bundles – The Application Bundle

Drag & Drop leaves the associated files of Mangao application. Normally, it is thought that all the associated files of a application is saved in the one folder but it is not so. Mangao supported files & preference files are saved in other location than the Mangao Package folder. So you need to get all these files deleted manually. Deleting all the left overs of Mangao is not that easy, you need to find all the location where Mangao has saved the files. Some of the location where Mangao would have saved the files are ~/Library/Preferences/[] ~/Library/Application Support/[]
Recommendation You should always use the Award winning tool to Uninstall Mangao completely from your Mac machine.

Using Finder the remove the Mangao Application Bundles & Additional Files

To Manually uninstall Mangao & all associated files
  • Start the Activity monitor to look for the processes running, if you find the Mangao application process running then quit it, make sure that Mangao processes is not running.
  • Start finder to look for the Mangao name.
  • Searching "Mangao" vs "Contents"
  • Delete all files and folders related to the Mangao app.
  • A reboot might be necessary to completely remove some apps.

See how Award Winning Mangao Utility helps you to completely uninstall the application.


Follow these steps to remove Mangao app from your Mac:

  1. Download a fully-functional trial version of MacKeeper.
  2. Open the Smart Uninstaller tool and select the application you wish to remove. main-screen
  3. Click Remove to completely uninstall the selected app. icon_1_10
So download now to get rid of Mangao app from you Mac.



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